Late implant placement following extraction, with a healing period of 3-6 months prior to implant placement has been traditionally considered the standard of care, because a fully healed ridge will ensure implant insertion in a stable ridge dimension,
From our Cases
Case 1
Case 1: A 44 years old female wearing a partial metal denture in the lower jaw for more then 15 years. Two Zimmer dental implants were placed and a bridge of 3 ceramometalic crowns is delivered after 8 weeks. Surgery done by Dr Walid El-Kattar
Case 2
Case 2: A 68 years old man with severe periodontitis. After extraction of the hopeless teeth, four Zimmer dental implants were placed in the lateral and premolar region. An internal snus lift is made on tooth 14. After four months, a ceramo-metalic bridge of eight crowns is delivered to the patient. Surgery done by Dr Walid El-Kattar
Case 3
Case 3: A 55 old man was referred to our clinic for a full mouth dental implant rehabilitation. After adequate x-rays like panoramic and CBCT x-ray, we decide to go for extraction of all the remaining teeth due to the presence of a generalized chronic periodontitis with severe mobility and attachement loss. A full upper and lower acrylic denture were made after extraction that served us later for the confection of the surgical guide. 6 weeks after extraction we decide to place 12 Zimmer dental implants , 6 implants for each jaw, and the patient was able to put his denture for 8 weeks after, time necessary for the osseointegration period and the delivery of a full metalo-ceramic bridge of 12 teeth for each jaw. Surgery done by Dr Walid El-Kattar
Case 4
Case 4: A 62 healthy old priest was referred by his dentist to our clinic for a full dental implants rehabilitation. After planning the case (model study cast, x-rays, surgical and radiologic guide), we decide to place 12 Implant Direct dental implants , 6 for each jaw. At 8 weeks later, the final ceramo-metallic bridge was delivered for each jaw. Surgery done by Dr Walid El-Kattar
Case 5
Case 5: A 58 years old male was referred to us by his general dentist for a full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants. Extraction of all the teeh is due to the severity of the attachement loss and the bone loss around the remaining teeth. A period of two months after the extraction is mandatory to have maximum healing of the soft issue. A 12 Zimmer dental implants were planned and placed in the prothetic concept not the bone. A full ceramometallic bridge is delivered after two months of osseointegration. Surgery done by Dr Walid El-Kattar