An implant placed in an extraction socket within 6-8 weeks after tooth extraction was called delayed implantation.
From our Cases
Case 1
Case 1: This 35 old years lady came to our clinic to have her fractured first right lower molar extracted and be replaced by a dental implant. Due to the presence of a severe apical infection at the distal root of this tooth, 6 weeks of healing period is advised to achieve a better healing of the bone and surrounding soft tissue. A 4.1mm diameter of a Zimmer dental implant is placed 6 weeks after tooth extraction. Surgery done by Dr Walid El-Kattar
Case 2
Case 2: Severe decay of the second upper left premolar leads to tooth extraction. A period of 6 weeks is recommended to achieve soft tissue healing. A 4.1mm diameter of a Direct Implant is placed after 6 weeks. Surgery done by Dr Walid El-Kattar
Case 3
Case 3: A 26 years old pharmacist with a fractured upper left first molar due to severe decay. The tooth was previously extracted at a G.P dentist. 4 weeks have been enough to be able to place a 4.1mm diameter Zimmer dental implant. Surgery done by Dr Walid El-Kattar