Endodontic retreatment describes a dental root canal procedure procedure that is carried out on a tooth that has previously had root canal treatment.
One reason for endodontic retreatment is failure of the initial endodontic procedure: Recurrence of symptoms, infection such as dental abscess may occur.
Endodontic treatment may fail for many reasons: one common reason for failure is inadequate chemomechanical debridement of the root canal. This may be due to poor endodontic access, missed anatomy or inadequate shaping of the canal, particularly in the apical third of the root canal.
From our Cases
Case 1
Case 1: This 28 years old girl came to our clinic after two differents canal therapy.A large radicular cyst on the mesial roots of tooth # 46. The x-ray after shows a total healing of the lesion after 9 months.Treatment realised by Dr Ibrahim Sanaa.
Case 2
Case 2: Tooth # 12 with a periapical lesion with an abscess and a purulant fistula. After cleaning the root pathway with an hermetic obturation, note the total healing of the lesion. The x-ray after is taken 7 years after. Treatment done by Dr Kattar Walid.
Case 3
Case 3: A 32 old patient came to ProSmile Clinic for an esthetic purpose, to change his old metalo-ceramic crown by a Zircone one on tooth #16. To achieve that goal, a 3D Root Canal Treatemnt must be accomplished before proceeding with the prosthesis. Note the old root canal treatment done on tooth #17 by one of our qualified dentist too. Treatment done by Dr Ibrahim Sanaa
Case 4
Case 4: A 34 years old man came to our clinic to have his lower first molar extracted and be replaced by a dental implant. After an appropriate clinical and radiologic exam we decide to save the tooth; a 3D Root Canal Treatment is done, followed by a surgical crown lengthening and a metalo-ceramic crown has been achieved.
Case 5
Case 5: A 34 years old man came to ProSmile for a general dental treatement of all his mouth.All inadequate root canals treatment has to be retreat again. This is the case for these two lower right molars. Treatment done by Dr Sanaa Ibrahim.