Full mouth reconstruction, describes the process of rebuilding and or restoring all of the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws.
Full mouth reconstruction involves general or restorative dentists (performing procedures like crowns, bridges and veneers), and can incorporate dental specialists like periodontists, oral surgeons, orthodontists and endodontists.
From our Cases
Case 1
Case 1: This 43 old young woman was addressed to ProSmile Clinic to improve the esthetic look of her teeth.All the maxillary teeth were replaced by a ceramo-metalic crowns. The lower anterior teeth were bleached with a 35% carbamide peroxide.
Case 2
Case 2: A 61 years old man, came to our clinic with advanced periodontal lesions around all his remaining teeth, with cervical decay and moderate mobility of all his teeth. After initial phase, cleaning and extraction of hopeless teeth, we decide to replace all the lower teeth wih a removable denture.In the maxilla, a crown lengthening is done after root treatment and the delivery of 6 anterior ceramo-metalic crowns and a fix removable metalic upper denture.
Case 3
Case 3: This 55 years old woman was addressed to our clinic for esthetc reasons. As she refuses to have implants in the lower jaw, we decide to replace her old denture by a new one. In the maxilla, a crown lengthening is proposed after achieving the root canal treatment of all her teeth. Twelve ceramo-metalic crowns were placed. The photo is taken the day of delivery.
Case 4
Case 4: This 38 years young woman wants to improve her esthetic dental look after many failures of restoring her teeth with composite.No crown lengthening was done despite the presence of a high gummy smile.The teeth were restored with traditional ceramo-metalic crowns.
Case 5
Case 5: This 38 years young woman wants to improve her esthetic and function masticatory system after losing her posterior teeth. .A crown lengthening was done despite the presence of a lower gummy smile.Extraction of the two lateral incisors and a socket preservation was done to maintain the esthetic aspect of the facial ridge.A 6 months healing period was essential to atteign the perfect stability of the soft tissues.The teeth were restored with traditional ceramo-metalic crowns.
Case 6
Case 6: A 33 years old male barber, consuming 3 packs of cigarettes/day, came to our clinic for a full mouth rehabilitation of the upper jaw. After assessment of the periodontal situation (irritated gum, bleeding on probing, removal of local inflammatory factors like, dental plaque, decay, fractured teeth, rrot canal treatment, and a set of temporary teeth fabricated at the dental lab. Crown lengthening is proposed from tooth#16 till tooth 25, extraction of tooth 14 and a socket preservation is done with a connective tissue graft from the palate to gain soft tisuue is the vertical dimemsion. 2 implants were placed in region 26 and 27.After 6 months of healing period, a full ceramo-metalic bridge is achieved.
Case 7
Case 7: A 48 years old female came to our clinic for a full dental reconstruction of her maxillary and left mandibular jaw. The patient is diagnosed with Sjogren disease. First adequate medication has been prescribe for the treatment of her buccal mucosa that was inflamed and dry all the time (for 3 weeks). The old crowns were removed, temporization is done for 3 months after correction of the gingival line and elimination of all inflamed gingival tissues. The case is restored with 14 ceramo-metalic crowns.