As periodontal disease progresses, pockets of degenerated bone develop in the jaw. These pockets can promote the growth of bacteria and the spread of infection. To address these pockets, a Guided Tissue Regeneration may be recommended. During this surgical procedure, the pockets are cleaned thoroughly, and a membrane is installed between the soft tissue and the pocket in the bone.The membrane covers the pocket so that fast-growing soft tissue is blocked, and slower-growing bone can begin to grow, or “regenerate” itself.
From our Cases
Case 1
Case 1: This is the case of bone resorption around tooth # 36 of a 28 years lady without envolving the furcation of the tooth. After an adequate scalimg and root planning of the lesion around the distal root of the tooth, a mixing of autogenous bone collected from the site and a xenograft like Bio-Oss, in a 50% proportion of each. A collagen membrane is used to cover the bone, and adequate sutures are performed too. Result is shown 4 months after the intervention. Surgery done by Dr Walid El-Kattar
Case 2
Case 2: A 55 years old woman is referred to our clinic for a pain on her right lower first and second molar region. Her dentist told us that he underwent for her an hemisection of the mesial root of her first molar # 46. Due to food impaction at the remaining distal root an angular bone defect has occurred. So we decide to remove her old bridge, replace it by a temporary one, and restoring the defect with the guided tissue regeneration technique. Result is shown 3 years post-op. Surgery done by Dr Walid El-Kattar