Placing implants immediately after tooth extraction resulted in a high percentage of clinical success. Using a temporary fixed crown restoration may provide a better opportunity to meet patient needs.
From our Cases
Case 1
Case 1: This 52 old man came from USA to have his tooth # 22 extrcated and be repaced by a dental implant and an immediate temporization with an acrylic tooth is made the same hour after the surgery. Surgery done by Dr Walid El-Kattar
Case 2
Case 2: This 54 old woman consult us for her central maxillary incisor who presents an old amalgam filling and a calcification of her root canal all to the third apical of the root. Extraction and immediate implantation and temporization is proposed to save the case. Surgery done by Dr Walid El-Kattar
Case 3
Case 3: This 33 years old patient with severe decay on his first upper right premolar. A dental implant is proposed to save the case, immediately after tooth extraction. The final ceramo-metalic crown is delivered 2 months after implant placement.