Regular teeth cleaning is suggested every six months. This will give a brighter smile and allow the dentist to detect decay or gum disease. This is an important way to prevent further problems.
This procedure includes:
1. Plaque & tarter removal by ultrasonic instrument.
2. Checkup
3. Polishing
From our Cases
Case 1
Case 1: This is the case of a 24 years female patient with gingivitis and moderate plaque around her teeth. After scaling and polishing her teeth, the patient gain her periodontum healthy status.
Case 2
Case 2: This 52 old male and heavy smoker patient with generalized moderate periodontitis. See the quantity of plaque around the teeth and the presence of black spots of nicotine.
Case 3
Case 3: A Heavy smoker of 55 years old patient with generalized and moderate periodontitis, and lack of oral hygiene.
Case 4
Case 4: This is a case of general gingivitis and poor oral hygiene of a 32 years old patient.