As with crowns, you have a choice of materials for bridges.You have them in either metal, metal in overlaid ceramic (porcelain fused to metal) or the latest metal free (all ceramic) crowns.

The PFM (porcelain fused to metal) crowns have a metal base coated with ceramic. PFM’s came closer to the look of real teeth and also provided good strength, durability and fit. A drawback of these crowns however could be a black metal line seen along the border of the crown. Also, it is difficult to achieve the translucency of your natural teeth with a restoration that has a metal framework. Light does not pass through the metal base like it does through your own natural teeth, leaving a dull lifeless appearance.

On the other hand in metal free ceramic crowns, the metallic look and the black lines disappear.They are not only highly aesthetic but also offer high strength restorations to dental industry. Types of metal free available at our center.

From our Cases
Case 1
Case 1: This 41 years woman was referred to us to solve the unpleasant appearence of her two ceramo-metalic old crowns on teeth # 11 and 12.The patient refuses to have a soft tissue augmentation around these teeth. After removing the crowns,an internal bleaching is achieved and two resin fiber posts were placed and two Zirconia crowns were delivered. This photo is taken 3 years after the crowns delivery.
Case 2
Case 2: This 38 years old women came from Canada to our clinic to restore her teeth with function and esthetic. She refuses any orthodontic therapy to deal with her open bite occlusion.Her central and lateral maxillary incisors were restored with old cracked composites.Finally the case is achieved with four full ceramic crowns for these teeth and a bleaching for the lower teeth.
Case 3
Case 3: This 45 years woman came to our clinic to improve her teeth appearance.A connective tissue graft procedure is done to enhance the width of the gingival tissue around the central and lateral incisors.The ceramo-metalic crowns and the metal posts were replaced by resin fiber posts and Zirconia ceramic crowns from teeth # 13 to 23.
Case 4
Case 4: This 28 years old engineer was referred to ProSmile Clinic for an esthetic outcome, after many trials of saving his teeth with composite fillings. Teeth # 11 and 21 were restored with 2 metal free Emax crowns, with composite on teeth # 12, and a bleaching for the rest of his teeth in the upper and lower jaw.
Case 5
Case 5: This 62 years old nun was referred to ProSmile Clinic for an esthetic outcome, after many failures with composites restorations for teeth # 13-12-11-21-22-23. Emax crowns are suggested to restore these anterior teeth. The picture on the left shows the result after 8 years of function.