Dr Walid Kattar

Dr Walid Kattar is the owner and manager of ProSmile clinic.about dr walid kattar
He is a specialist in periodontics and provides services in implantology.
Our practice specializes in conservative treatment of gum disease,cosmetic
procedures to aesthetically enhance your smile,and dental implants that can replace single or multiple missing teeth.

Our Practice Manager has over 18 years experience working within dentistry

  • DDS. Saint Joseph University 1994
  • Diplome in Oral Biology at the Lebanese University
  • Diplome   in periodontology & implants surgery at Saint Joseph University
  • Diploma in Dental Occlusion and TMJ Disorders at Saint Joseph University
  • Member at L.D.A  since 1994 ( Lebanese Dental Association)
  • Member at L.A.P ( Lebanese Association of Periodontology)
  • International member at A.A.P ( American Academy of Periodontology)

       Continuous Education

  • Certificate: Advanced course with the ITI Dental Implant System and Giestlich Biomaterials. 2001
  • Certificate: Introduction to the ITI Dental Implant System
  • Certificate: Techniques Chirurgicales Avancees en Implantologie Orale./ A.L.C.B 2001
  • Certificate: Chirurgie en Pathologie Bucales./ A.L.C.B 2001
  • Certificate: 5th Annual Meeting / Lebanese Society of Periodontology 2002
  • Certificate: Implanting the Link / Lebanese Society of Periodontology 2003
  • Certificate: L’évolution des Concepts en Chirurgie Buccale / A.L.C.B 2005
  • Certificate: SYFAC International Symposium on Growth Factors PRF:  Prise en charge de la douleur /  Dr Joseph Choukroun 2008
  • Certificate: Lumineers by Cerinate* Smile Design. 2009
  • Certificate: Maxillary Bone Reconstruction and Aesthetic in Implant / Dentistry. L.S.O.S 2009
  • Certificate: Soft tissue Management and Aesthetics in Implant Dentistry Lebanese University School of Dentistry / Jean Pierre Gardella 2010
  • Advanced Surgical Techniques around Dental Implants at Zimmer* Institute Switzerland 2012
Dr. Kattar is a devoted father and husband.

  • His hobbies include fishing, reading, movies collection.
  • Photographer diplomate and Member of the Lebanese Photography Club.
  • Special interest in Christian Bible and theology.
  • Ex member in the Lebanese red cross.